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Abiant, Inc.     480 West Center Street, Grayslake, Illinois  60030
Abiant Overview
Abiant is dedicated to accelerating disease diagnosis and
therapeutic development through neuroimaging
Abiant designs, conducts, and analyzes neuroimaging
studies for pharmaceutical partners to assess drug effects
upon the brain.  The image data, which can be collected
using small numbers of subjects, provides insight to a drug's
brain penetration, target interaction, effects upon brain
function, and impact upon disease pathology.  This
information can help to assess drug viability earlier in
development, reducing cost, risk, and bottlenecks.     
Drug Evaluation
Using our core image analysis technologies, we
are developing diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's
Disease and other brain disorders.  By combining
proprietary image analysis methods with an
unparalleled collection of reference data, we are
addressing hurdles to the early, accurate
identification of disease.  Early and accurate
prediction is important today given the availability
of symptom-deferring drugs, and will become
even more vital as promising compounds in
development become available.