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Image Data Analysis
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Pattern Classification and Power Optimization
Our multivariate analysis technology (NPAIRS, Strother et al)
can substantially increase study power over traditional region
of interest or voxel based methods.  NPAIRS identifies the
weighted relationships between regions of effect,
consolidating them into a meaningful network.  This analysis
outweighs the measure of any one region individually, and
addresses multi-region complexity.  Individuals are ranked
with regard to effect and influence on group results.  
Reproducibility and power are quantified.  Secondary network
patterns related to inter-site noise or other subject response
characteristics can also be identified.  At right:  dose
response of an NK1 antagonist compound.
Rigorous Data Quality Controls allow us to objectively identify signal to noise ratio and data outliers.  Our
use of quality metrics and traceability at each step provides further quality assurance.  
We perform Optimized Voxel Based Analysis using Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM);  Conjunction
between conditions; and Correlations to cognitive, behavioral, and laboratory variables
Regional Boundary Shift Atrophy Measurement provides a sensitive measure of regional structural change
Automated Region of Interest Analysis  
This technology (Mosconi et al) allows us to
apriori regions of interest with precision
and rater-independence, including the
hippocampus.  These are optimized for aging and
Alzheimer's Disease populations, and for both
FDG PET and 11C-PIB.