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Imaging Sites
Abiant has also processed and analyzed data from over 30 different sites involved in the Alzheimer's
Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI).   In addition, Abiant has relationships with multiple sites having
preclinical capabilities.
Abiant partners with sites globally to collect
image data.  All data is transferred to
Abiant's offices, where it is processed and
analyzed centrally.  
  • Evaluates and qualifies each site
  • Evaluates imaging equipment (including phantom studies)
  • Provides Standard Operating Procedures with numerous
    quality controls
  • Trains staff at all sites
  • Selects and manages clinical lab tests
  • Coordinates and monitors site resources
  • Processes all data centrally.  
Abiant has worked with sites in Illinois, Ohio,
California, Belgium, the Netherlands, and
Amsterdam, and has relationships with additional
sites in the United States and abroad.  Several of
these sites have on-site cyclotrons allowing studies
using  11C, 18F, 15O, and other radioisotopes.
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Data collection at the site has a material impact upon image
data quality.   Abiant:
Drug Evaluation...