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Drug Evaluation...
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Imaging Studies for Drug Evaluation
A core strength is the use of imaging to measure drug
action using small numbers of subjects (8 - 20).  To
study pharmacokinetics, we provide a wide range of
radiotracers and standardized analysis across sites.  
Our advances in the use of FDG PET allow us to assess
drug effect even when receptor specific radiotracers are
not available, and to measure overall drug effect upon
brain function.
Abiant designs, conducts, and analyzes neuroimaging studies, with an
emphasis on PET imaging,  to measure compound pharmacokinetic
and pharmacodynamic properties.  Our studies can support
decision-making early in the drug development process, and provide
objective, sensitive measures in later stage trials.  Our methods apply
to a broad spectrum of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative
compounds, with a particular focus on Alzheimer's Disease.
Receptor occupancy
Functional CNS effects
Potential side effects
Dose response
Effects upon pathology endpoints
Comparison to known compounds
Translational / Phase I
Phase II  /  Phase III
Phase IV
Objective trial endpoints
Patient stratification analyes
Responder characterization
Comparisons to other drugs
Potential new indications
Responder characterization
In both early and later phase studies, we provide
integrated data analysis advances with robust quality
controls to provide superior, reliable results.  Our
technology is optimized to include aging and Alzheimer's
populations, across multiple sites, with automation that
facilitates rapid turnaround of large data sets and
rater-independent consistency.
Our translational work focuses on the use of models,
imaging modalities, and tracers that can be replicated in
our subsequent early phase human trials.