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Abiant, Inc. Welcomes Dr. Howard Fillit to its Scientific Advisory Board

Deerfield, ILLINOIS - - October 12, 2009 - - Abiant, Inc. announced today that Howard Fillit, MD has
joined its Scientific Advisory Board.  In this role, he will provide guidance on Abiant's development of a
diagnostic test for Alzheimer's Disease.
Dr. Fillit, a geriatrician and neuroscientist, is the founding Executive
Director of the Institute for the Study of Aging (ISOA), an Estée Lauder
family foundation founded in 1998, and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery
Foundation (ADDF), an affiliated public charity founded in 2004. ISOA
and ADDF share a common mission of accelerating drug discovery for
Alzheimer’s disease through venture philanthropy.   Dr. Fillit was
previously the Corporate Medical Director for Medicare at NYLCare
Health Plans (acquired by Aetna, Inc. in 1998), responsible for over
125,000 Medicare members in several regional markets.
He has had a distinguished academic medicine career, previously at The Rockefeller University, and
currently at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine where he is a clinical professor of geriatrics and  
clinical publications, and has received several awards and honors including the Rita Hayworth Award
for Lifetime Achievement from the Alzheimer’s Association. He also serves as a consultant to
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health care organizations, and philanthropies.
Dawn Matthews, Abiant's CEO, said "Dr. Fillit's experience as a clinician, as a scientist, and with
Medicare will be of great value as we develop our diagnostic for Alzheimer's Disease.  We are very
pleased that he has chosen to work with us as an Advisor."

About Abiant, Inc.

Abiant, Inc. uses proprietary image analysis methods and software to provide sensitive biomarkers
of drug effects and disease progression.  This imaging information is intended to accelerate and
improve accuracy of decision making in both disease diagnosis and drug development.  Abiant has
exclusively licensed technologies for accurate, automated measurement of information in PET
images from NYU Langone Medical Center.  The Company conducts imaging studies on novel
pharmaceutical compounds for drug development companies.  Abiant recently presented results of
its analyses of Alzheimer’s disease data at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease
(ICAD) and the Human Amyloid Imaging (HAI) Conference.