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DEERFIELD, ILLINOIS,  October 23, 2007.  Abiant, Inc., a company that specializes in neuroimaging to
accelerate and improve drug development and disease diagnosis, announces that it has established its
new headquarters on Lake Cook Road in Deerfield, Illinois.   The company will conduct centralized data
processing and analysis operations at that location in addition to business activities.  

The Deerfield location is conveniently near the merging point of two major expressways, a short drive
from O'Hare International Airport, and near to Chicago's Metra commuter train system.  Deerfield and
surrounding areas also serve as the U.S. headquarters for several pharmaceutical and life sciences
companies including Baxter, Takeda, Abbott, and Astellas.

A link to the company's new location can be found here

Abiant, Inc.

Abiant, Inc. uses proprietary image analysis methods and software to provide a sensitive biomarker of
drug effects and disease progression.  The imaging information, which includes biochemical,
functional, and structural measurements, can be used to accelerate or reduce risk of decision making in
both drug development and disease treatment.  Further information can be found at  
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