Abiant, Inc. Announces License Agreement with New York University
School of Medicine

Deerfield, ILLINOIS - - November 12, 2007 - - Abiant, Inc., an Illinois based company specializing in
advanced bio-imaging to accelerate and improve drug development and disease diagnosis,
announces an exclusive technology license agreement with the New York University School of
Medicine.  The technology involves breakthrough image analysis methods developed by leading
researchers at New York University School of Medicine to reliably detect changes in critical brain
regions that are predictive of the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.  It also has application in oncology
and other disease areas.

Dr. Mony de Leon, Director of New York University School of Medicine’s Center for Brain Health, said
“We believe that these methods can significantly contribute to the diagnosis of dementia patients,
allowing optimal treatment and monitoring.  Our relationship with Abiant provides the opportunity to
commercialize these methods so that they may reach the broad patient population.” Dr. Lisa Mosconi
added “There is a great need for a practical, accurate tool to diagnose and differentiate among
dementias.  We are excited to be working with a commercial partner to make these capabilities

One aspect of the technology is its ability to automatically detect changes in glucose metabolism, the
brain’s primary energy source, in a region called the hippocampus.  Other automated techniques
have failed to measure changes in this region because of the variability that occurs with age and
disease.  Yet, it is a critical and early indicator of dementia, allowing prediction up to eight years prior
to the onset of symptoms, and is important in distinguishing between different types of dementias.  
Another aspect of the technology allows highly accurate measurement of changes in structure.  This
can be applied to neurodegenerative disorders as well as other applications such as tumor
measurement in oncology.  Other aspects relate to correction of cerebrospinal fluid marker
measurements and processing of image data.

Dawn Matthews, President and CEO of Abiant, said “The New York University School of Medicine
team has long been a leader in the use of imaging to detect Alzheimer’s Disease and its precursor
states.  Their technology advances enable the accuracy, rater-independence, and practicality
necessary to achieve broad application in drug development and diagnostics.”  

The work of the New York University School of Medicine researchers has been published in
numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Abiant, Inc.

Abiant, Inc. uses proprietary image analysis methods and software to provide a sensitive biomarker
of drug effects and disease progression.  The imaging information, which includes biochemical,
functional, and structural measurements, can be used to accelerate or reduce risk of decision
making in both drug development and disease treatment.  The Company’s focus areas include the
central nervous system, oncology, and inflammation.  Further information can be found at www.

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